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Amid the Blue Ridge Mountains and along the James River, Lynchburg, Virginia has always been trending! At times throughout its history, Lynchburg ranked as one of the wealthiest communities per capita in the nation. This affluence fueled construction of extraordinary buildings in an array of architectural styles.
Today, these historic beauties are renewed into trendy restaurants and unique shops creating a vibrant downtown arts scene.

Warm hospitality and engaging attractions including the Lynchburg Museum, National Medal winning Amazement Square Children’s Museum, Point of Honor historic residence, Old City Cemetery & Arboretum, the Anne Spencer House & Garden and scenic hiking/biking trails throughout the city make Lynchburg the perfect place to enjoy a cosmopolitan city at a relaxed pace while also exploring regional treasures like the Blue Ridge Parkway, Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, Patrick Henry’s Red Hill, Appomattox Court House National Historical Park and the Museum of the Confederacy.

Lynchburg is trending wine and good times! Located in the heart of Central Virginia, Lynchburg is a great place to stow your suitcases while visiting the surrounding area’s ten wineries, three breweries and a meadery in nearby Altavista!  Prefer to stay in the city?  Lynchburg boasts an eclectic culinary scene with top notch restaurants serving A-list wine selections and a fully stocked tequila bar with over 30 brands from which to choose.  Gourmet food trucks abound at various spots throughout the city.  In Lynchburg, there is something for everyone.

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