*Older GPS programs and systems may take you to the wrong place. If you input the winery address on your GPS and it does not take you to a spot where Goose Creek crosses Route 17 in Delaplane, VA it is taking you to the WRONG place. Please follow the driving directions provided.*

Is there ever NOT a full house at Three Fox Vineyards? “Where do all these people COME from?" we ask ourselves as we maneuver around the hordes in the two cozy tasting rooms, and on the backyard patio.

An additional tasting area is set up under a tent out back, and even that's full. Winery staff rush around, grabbing more bottles, more bottles, more bottles.

There are half a dozen different spots to settle yourself into for an afternoon at Three Fox, and each is so picturesque that we suspect people keeping coming back just to try them all out.

What'll it be, the hammocks under the trees down the hill? The hilltop picnic tables? The stone patio with its colorful umbrellas? Or maybe the intimate tables tucked into the vineyards themselves. (Really! In the vineyard! Brilliant.)

The owners have a love of all things Mediterranean, and it shows up both in the landscaping, and in the wine. Wines include an estate Sangiovese, a Barbera/Chambourcin blend called Sirius, Piemontese Nebbiolo, and the excellent estate grown La Trovatella Merlot featuring Jasmine the winery cat on the label. A couple of nice Chardonnays (particularly the crisp Leggero), a Pinot Grigio, Viognier and a Riesling-style white called Gatto Bianco (this family loves its cats) round out the choices.

Kids, pets, weddings, private parties welcome. Parking available for RVs and buses. Groups of 8 or more require a reservation.


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