Tell people you are visiting all of Virginia's wineries, and the first thing they'll say isn't "why?" - it's "You're going to LOVE Peaks of Otter!" They say this with a little bemused grin and a shake of the head and a warning about Kiss the Devil - the winery's jalapeno wine that's typically taken with a chaser of Cheese Whiz. Now THAT, my friends, is fun!

Virginia's first fruit winery, the much-loved Peaks of Otter now produces a couple of vinifera wines, but fruit wines are clearly still first in their hearts: they produce nearly 30 different types.

There's really only one way to share the joy and outrageous creativity of the wines at this winery/market/petting zoo/farm - let you read about it for yourself. Here you go:

Dry Peach - Peach Delight
Virginia Apple Lovers - Dry Apple
What A Tomato - Apple Tomato
Blackberry Cobbler
Golden Nugget -Pear
Light Pear
Peach of Otter - Brandy Wine Peach
Sweet Heart - Apple pomegranate wine
Go-Go-Goji - Apple, Goji & Noni Berry
Pumpkin Pie
Plumlicious - Sweet Plum
“The Mango Tango"
Strawberry Shortcake
Blue Ridge Mountain Grape
Beale's Treasure Sweet Apple
“Acia-Centuate The Positive" - Acia Apple
Blueberry Muffin
“Chili Dawg" - apple blended with 3% chili pepper wine
“Cinfulicious" - holiday wine, served warm
Ras Ma Tas Raspberry
“Frosty Morn" - white grapes
“Apple Truffle" with milk chocolate
Cherry Cherry Cheese Cake
Beale's Treasure - Pink Sapphire Peach
Blackberry Jammed
Strawberry Reserves
“Kiss the Devil" - Chili Pepper
CAFE VINO - Like a Kahlua
“Salty Frog" Margarita
Pure Passion - sweet tart wine
Sangria - red grape and citrus wine
Vino Colada - pineapple coconut wine

Bring your picnic, wander the farm, set up next to the pond, and have yourself a day.


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