We'd heard about Oak Crest's strawberry wine, and on the hot summer day we traveled the Northern Neck, it sounded pretty enticing. And it was (we bought two).

The lavishly landscaped gardens are the perfect place to sit with a glass. If fruit wines aren't your thing, you might prefer the Symphony Dry - a German white made from a grape that is only grown in Virginia by Oak Crest. (Symphony grapes are also used in the Symphony Sweet, and the Hot Jazz - a blend with 1% Jalapeno peppers.)

Cab Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Viognier rounds out the wines offered here. If you like what you taste, buy it. It's only sold at the winery.

The tasting room is housed in a sunny A-frame, filled with arts and gifts and snacks.

Kids and pets welcome; weddings and private parties; bring your picnic; group tours available.


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