Loving Cup Winery opened in 2013 as the first, and only, certified organic winery in Virginia, and one of only a handful on the East Coast.

The difficulty of maintaining an organic winery in Virginia's hot and humid climate can't really be overstated, starting with choosing the proper grapes to grow. In addition to picking the right variety for the land (soil composition), the site (hilly? flat? exposure? etc), and natural disease resistance, the organic grower must also consider sensitivity to organic fungicides, and whether the short list of possibilities he's left with after all that will even be appealing to the consumer.

At opening, the winery was growing five different hybrids (which are typically more disease-resistant than the more popular and prevalent vinifera), including Marquette, Corot Noir, Traminette, Cayuga, and Vidal Blanc. Wine production is small, as you might expect, and gets snapped up quickly. Experimentation will continue, and lots of people will be watching.

Groups of 8 or more, please contact the winery before arrival.


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