When you set out to visit Hampton Roads Winery, it may be helpful to know that it's not technically in Hampton Roads; it's in Surry County, which is near Hampton Roads but actually across the James River. It's not a geography mistake, but rather a coincidence, as it was named for an area of New England the owners are partial to.

Located at White Oak Farm in Elberon, Virginia, the new winery - just opened in November 2015 - offers six different wines, including table whites, Red Bordeaux, and a Hog Island Sweet Red.

The farm offers a walking tour of the property, with glimpses of registered red angus cattle and one of the two vineyards. A peaceful patio out back overlooks a pond and pasture.

Owners David and Diane Sheldon grow their own Petit Verdot, Viognier, Seyval Blanc, Cab Franc, Norton and Scuppernong.


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