When we first visited, Crushed Cellars was not officially open yet, and there was no website, but all the Virginia wine bloggers had already found their way to this little copper-roofed building on Route 9 with its tiny experimental vineyard out front. A couple of visitors were deep in conversation with owner Bob Kalok, re-tasting the three excellent wines and snacking on the home-baked breads and tester cheese spreads Bob had laid out.

We had heard about the snacks; Bob and his wife were trying out some recipes to see what might sell. But you get the sense, hanging around chatting, that hospitality is just part of the way these folks do business.

The tasting room is small and bright, with extra seating upstairs in a loft (which Bob hopes to use for family movie nights), and on a front porch with picnic tables. A half dozen types of vines are being tried out to see what might grow best, and in the meantime Bob buys grapes from nearby wineries to make his Vidal Blanc, Chardonnay, and Meritage. Pick up a dozen organic eggs from the small farm's free range chickens, or buy some fresh bread or dips.

But mostly, chat with Bob. He's a happy, fun guy -- just like his winery.

Groups of 6 or fewer (it's a small place, have mercy!)


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