Cardamon Family Vineyards is as well known for their homemade salsas as their friendly tasting room, housed in their own home. The sweet-to-fiery salsas are paired with an eclectic assortment of grape wines, fruit wines, and even a mead, most with whimsical nicknames that refer to family members. (The owners even wrote a salsa cookbook - Salsavino - which you can purchase on-site.)

The culinary side of Cardamon expanded recently to include a nice assortment of Mexican Street Tacos. 

Retired Navy Seal Chuck Carmadon and his wife Ana moved from California to Virginia in 2008 and planted 400 vines in their front yard. The winery followed several years later. Their small-batch wines are all from Virginia-sources grapes (or their own), picked by hand, crushed and pressed in a basket press, and most are fermented and/or aged in oak.

Most comments you hear from Cardamon visitors mention the warmth of the owners and staff toward all their visitors. You can soak up a little of that warmth for yourself during the winery's Taste & Talks, a tour and tasting led by Chuck each Saturday and Sunday from 4:30 - 6:00.


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