Most wineries start small, feeling their way along and doing their best to regulate the financial outflow needed to fund the land, the planting, the 3 years (minimum) of waiting for bottle-ready grapes, the tasting room, etc etc. Blue Valley is not most wineries.

Opening its palatial doors in 2015, the 20,000 square foot winery was built for shock and awe. The "rustic meets modern" tasting room is encased in stone, fortress-like, while inside the ceilings soar and the you stifle the urge to call out "Hellooooo" just for the echo.

The winery's cellar is equipped to produce up to 10,000 cases per year, which is about the equivalent of four average Virginia wineries. Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Chambourcin, Petit Verdot, and Viognier have been planted, but even a magical place such as this cannot speed up the growing cycle, so while their estate grapes come to fruition, fruit is brought in from the west coast to craft the current batch of very tasty wines.

Pair your visit with a stop at Barrel Oak Winery just across the road for a look at another big time venue.


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