As the Founding Family of American Wine, there are few places that can boast the depth of American wine history that Philip Carter Winery reflects. The family carries an historic legacy as producers of the first internationally recognized fine wines in America on October 20, 1762.

In the 1700s the family had the largest wine collection and wine cellar in Colonial America. For four centuries, they have participated in and written legislation to advance the American wine industry, and they were the first to successfully grow a vineyard with European vines.

Located in Hume, Virginia, Philip Carter Winery is seated on 27 acres of rolling hills in the heart of America's Wine Country. Visit and you'll see why Carter family progenitor Charles Carter might have picked this location. The layered Blue Ridge views laid out for miles are majestic and enduring. It's easy to imagine ladies gathered on the lawn for a garden party, or Carter and his cronies gathered for a glass of wine from Cleve Hall Plantation on a cool fall evening.

Today, you can choose from estate-grown Chardonnay (particularly good) or Cabernet Franc, or opt for a much-awarded Governor Fauquier white blend, dry Rose, smoky Meritage, or the Bordeaux-style Cleve. Or, as tasting room staff suggest, a glass of the Late Harvest Vidal with a bit of Stilton blue cheese and some sliced pear - a pairing that reminds us that food and wine, also, can be majestic and enduring.

Book a Picnic and Winery Tour for a behind-the-scenes look, check out the winery's calendar to see which of their unique events is coming up, or even better, grab a spot at the next Vintage Piedmont Wine Camp, a 3-day, 2-night luxury "boot camp" created as a collaborative effort between Philip Carter Winery and four other local wineries. 


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