For three centuries, the Carter family has made its way of life in the rolling landscapes of Fauquier County, Virginia. They have proudly served as stewards of the Virginia Piedmont, a unique and special place enriched with cultural significance of sweeping historical importance. They invite invite visitors to share these pastoral meadows, primordial forests, and gentle slopes lined with lush vineyards that they've called home for generations.

Virginians have long identified themselves with the vine, have recognized its importance, and have consistently promoted a viable wine industry. As Virginians, grape and wine production is part of our collective cultural identity and heritage dating back as early as 1619 with the adoption of the Twelfth Act of the Original Acts of the Virginia House of Burgesses that required every landowner to plant and maintain Ten Vines®.

Today, what was once a dream of a few Founding Fathers has now become a reality for all to share and enjoy. At Philip Carter, the winery proudly carries an historic family legacy as producers of the first internationally recognized fine wines in America on October 20, 1762. Their history is wine, and their future is to promote the gracious way of life through wine, art and culture. 



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