Virginia wine geek? Take the quiz.

It's Virginia Wine Month. Time to show what you know!

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1. Virginia now has how many wineries?

a. Fewer than 150
b. Between 150 and 250
c. More than 250

2.   Virginia is swimming in four of these grapes, with harvests of over 500 tons each. But one is tiny by comparison, with just over 60 tons. Which one?
a. Cabernet Franc 
b. Cabernet Sauvignon 
c. Chardonnay 
d. Merlot 
e. Pinot Noir

3. Grapes are grown in more than 30 counties in Virginia. Which one grows the most? 

a. Albemarle
b. Fauquier
c. Loudoun
d. Nelson
e. Orange

4. How many varieties of wine grapes (e.g., Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, etc.) are grown in Virginia?

a. Fewer than 10
b. Between 10 and 20
c. More than 20

5.  Which type of grape does Virginia grow the most?

a. Vinifera 
b. Hybrid
c. American

6.  Which is the “signature” grape of Virginia?

a. Cabernet Franc
b. Chardonnay
c. Concord
d. Norton
e. Viognier

Source: Virginia 2016 Commercial Grape Report, Virginia Wine Board Marketing Office

1-C   Virginia has more than 285 wineries
2-E   In 2016, Virginia vineyards also produced more than 500 tons of Vidal Blanc
3-C   Loudoun County produced nearly 1,400 tons of grapes on just over 550 acres in 2016.
4-C   How many have you tried?
5-A   By far! Vinifera is grown on more than 2,000 acres, Hybrids on nearly 400 acres, and American grapes such as Norton and Niagara on fewer than 200 acres.
6-E  Viognier was named the “signature” grape of Virginia in 2011