Will COVID Change Virginia Wine Country?

On a recent post in the Facebook Group "Support Virginia Wineries During COVID," I asked: What changes would you like to see when Virginia Wine Country reopens?

The question was prompted by a recent virtual wine tasting with a central Virginia winery. Someone asked the winemaker/manager how long they thought it might take to get back to "normal". The winemaker said, essentially, that maybe there was a new "normal" wineries should consider. 

For example... take Saturdays, an absolute zoo at so many wineries nowadays. Is there, maybe, a new way to do Saturdays?

What about the local wine deliveries and free shipping deals we're now seeing? Should wineries continue those? 

Will we still want all these virtual winery events once we are free to move about? (And do wineries even WANT to continue them??)

The wineries offering to-go dinners on weekends paired with a bottle of wine, those seem popular - should those stay? 

Wineries have served up a lot of "new" in the last two months, and we're probably spoiled. But if you were king, what would you like a Virginia winery to look like? 

Here, just fyi, are the responses I received on the question. 

What do YOU think about all this?